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Rocky Mountain EMTEC
925 W. Kenyon Avenue, Unit 1
Englewood, CO  80110





Rocky Mountain Engineering and Materials Technology, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in engineering problem solving.

bullet Forensic engineering
bullet Failure analysis
bullet Metallurgical and materials engineering, testing & evaluation
bullet Accident investigations
bullet Product analyses
bullet Premises liability analyses
Corrosion & Microscopy

Rocky Mountain EMTEC was founded in 1983 and is based in Denver, Colorado.  In the last 28 plus years EMTEC has matured and grown from one seasoned Metallurgical Engineer with a desk, telephone and lab bench to a broad-based engineering consulting firm with great breadth of experience, skills, abilities, and interests.

Our Mission

We solve engineering problems cost-effectively, using objective analyses to provide answers and opinions that withstand scrutiny and are without bias.  We take complex technical issues and present them in a manner appropriate for the intended audience without compromising technical accuracy or precision, while always adhering to the Code of Ethics for Professional Engineers.





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